ITS Canada 2024: Leading the Future of Urban Mobility

By: Miovision Team | Jun 24, 2024

ITS Canada Conference & Expo is an annual event that brings together a diverse group of industry leaders, technology providers, policymakers, and researchers to showcase the latest advancements, technologies, and innovations in transportation. Hosted in Vancouver this year, the conference featured keynote speeches, technical sessions, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, providing a comprehensive platform for knowledge sharing and networking. 

ITS Canada: Key Achievements and Engagements

Miovision proudly attended ITS Canada in Vancouver as a Diamond Sponsor, sharing our latest insights on road safety, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge technologies. Our team of experts delivered impactful presentations and demonstrated our leadership in the field. Key highlights included the unveiling of the “White Alert” system for scalable intersection safety, the comprehensive Miovision One platform, and discussions on AI’s role in traffic optimization.

Kurtis McBride, our CEO, delivered a keynote speech emphasizing the evolution of collaboration in urban mobility. He highlighted Miovision’s journey from a hardware-centric company to a leader in digitized urban mobility platforms and our vision to become an infrastructure-as-a-service provider. Kurtis underscored the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving progress and introduced our #UnityForMobility initiative to foster partnerships across the industry.

Miovision Team at ITS Canada Booth

Fireside Chat with Brent Rogerson and Olivia Babcock

Brent and Olivia presented Miovision’s winning submission for the USDOT Intersection Safety Challenge at TRB 2024, earning a $100,000 prize for their “White Alert: A Digital Multi‐Channel Vision for Scalable Intersection Safety.” Moderated by Prof. David Michelson from UBC, the session focused on enhancing the safety of vulnerable road users, especially pedestrians at roadside signals. The challenge aimed to create safer outcomes through innovative technologies that could integrate with Miovision’s connected vehicle strategy and existing platform. Drawing inspiration from the Amber Alert system, the White Alert connects roadside sensors with vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists to enhance communication and safety.

The White Alert system is designed to shift from reactive to proactive safety measures by leveraging near-miss analysis to predict and prevent incidents. This involves video-based detection to improve pedestrian crossings and integrating connected vehicles through an advanced communication network. By analyzing five major factors—speed, angle of collision, order of interactions, type of user, and separation—the system identifies potential near-miss situations before they escalate, generating real-time alerts to impact signal operations. This proactive and automated system enables immediate action, preventing accidents and enhancing overall safety at intersections. The innovative architecture of the White Alert is easy to understand and implement, making it a significant advancement in intersection safety.

On Stage Tech Demos

Miovision One Platform Demonstration by Brent Rogerson

Brent presented the Miovision One cloud-based software platform, which integrates eight applications to maximize collective utility.

The platform provides real-time monitoring of transit and emergency vehicles, enhancing traffic management through continuous development, a seamless user interface, and robust security architecture

AI in Traffic Optimization: Candice Sarnecki discussed the transformative role of AI in improving traffic flow and safety.

Candice on Stage
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our approach at Miovision. Our core stacks—ranging from engineering intelligence and transportation optimization to emergency vehicle management—are all deeply intertwined with AI. “Whether we are defining models that empower our cameras and software to identify objects or leveraging machine learning to continually refine these models, AI forms the backbone of our advancements. It informs the “if-this-then-that” algorithms that make our systems more robust and responsive. By continuing to innovate with AI, we aim to enable cities to function more efficiently and effectively, ensuring a smarter, safer, and more optimized urban landscape. 

Our participation at ITS Canada reaffirmed our commitment to improving transportation systems and safety through innovation and collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to lead the future of urban mobility.

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