The practical way to a smarter traffic cabinet

Miovision SmartLink transforms data from your existing controllers and cabinet devices into meaningful insights.

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We work with the world’s most advanced security partners to ensure your systems are protected.

Accessible data

Data collected from the intersection is hosted securely in the cloud for fast, reliable access.

Backward compatible, future-proof platform

Works with existing controllers, so you can protect your investment and easily address future needs with the same platform.


No need to maintain your own IT infrastructure, Miovision takes care of it for you.


With Miovision SmartLink, you can rest assured your traffic data is secure.

  • Communication with your traffic cabinets is established using a secure VPN tunnel
  • Data collected from the intersection is hosted securely in the cloud
  • Fast and reliable access to your data when you need it

Accessible data

Traffic data collected by Miovision is stored securely, in the cloud. You’ll have quick and easy to access your data whenever you need it.

  • Connect with software you already use
  • Lay the foundation for smart city apps
  • You own your data, you choose who to share it with

Backward compatible, future-proof platform

Miovision SmartLink is compatible with today’s traffic controllers (Naztec, Econolite, Siemens, McCain, Peek, Intelight, etc.), making any cabinet a smart cabinet.

  • Includes an array of antennas: WiFi, GPS, 2G, 3G, LTE
  • Connectivity to the most remote traffic cabinets
  • Provides key metrics from the roadside, to help you make informed decisions

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With Miovision, you no longer have to worry about maintaining your own IT infrastructure.

  • Access your data whenever you need it, in the cloud
  • We ensure optimal uptime, while alerting you to any outages

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Using real-time data to actively manage road incidents

Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Learn how the Region of Waterloo was able to make their teams more responsive while reducing the volume of citizen complaints, all thanks to Miovision SmartLink.

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