A Lone Star Week at ITS America

By: Miovision Team | May 08, 2023
A Lone Star Week At Its America - Miovision

Well, that was a fun week!

The Miovision Team – including my sales colleagues, our execs, and our marketing team – headed to Texas for ITS America last week. Our CEO, Kurtis McBride, took the opportunity to don a black cowboy hat, but I assure you – he’s a good guy! 

We had some exciting news to share at the event about where Miovision is headed and where we think our industry is headed. 

For Miovision – the future is about growth: growing opportunities, a growing company and expanding capabilities. 

ITS America was an opportunity to share some of the expanding expertise we’ve added to our team via recent acquisitions. Greg Barlow, who joined Miovision as the co-founder of Rapid Flow, and Craig Milligan, who joined us as the co-founder of MicroTraffic, joined our Director of Customer Advocacy Brian Hoeft for a panel discussion exploring Digital Actuation of Interventions: Present and Future

Our new colleagues from Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) had their own booth at the event, but we worked together to meet new-to-us customers. It was a great opportunity for our teams to get to know each other further. And both our booths were busy. Ours featured live demos of Miovision Scout Explore, Miovision Detection, and Miovision Traffop. The GTT team shared details on how Opticom – the marketing-leading priority control solution – and Miovision are working together to revolutionize traffic management. 

Kurtis McBride took a break from a busy event schedule to talk about the acquisition of GTT live with BNN Bloomberg

If the event was an opportunity to celebrate how we’ve grown, it was also a chance to talk about where we’re going. 

Our CEO Kurtis McBride outlined his vision for a digitization – a shift in traffic infrastructure from single-purpose hardware to connected hardware delivering a range of software solutions – as the opening keynote for the Digital Infrastructure Strategy Workshop. What followed was a series of discussions on the future of our industry – the opportunities and the changes we’ll need to collectively make to make transportation safer, greener, and more equitable. 

We hosted a podcast – The Intersection – talking to TELUS Director, Smart City & Public Safety Daniel Kligerman, about what 5G will do to enable intelligent traffic and connected vehicles. 

We also announced our foundation for the future at ITS America: Miovision One. In ITS International, Kurtis outlined our vision for the platform:

Our near-term goal will be to integrate all of our solutions onto Miovision One – including those we’ve recently added through acquisitions. Over the coming quarters, customers will have a single interface and a single sign-on to access more and more of our solutions. Having all of our solutions on a single platform will also significantly accelerate development, making it easier to get improvements – and new solutions – to the market. 

But, while having all our solutions on a single platform is great, that’s not really an operating system for the intersection. We’ll continue to offer an open API to make it easy to integrate data from Miovision with other solutions, but that still requires some additional effort. Our ultimate goal, once we’ve integrated our own solutions, is to open up this platform to third-party solutions. That will give customers a range of solutions to choose from – and make it easier for innovators in our space to access thousands of intersections quickly. 

Getting there will take some time, but we’re excited to launch the foundation of an operating system for the modern intersection. 

If you missed us at ITS America or just want to learn more about the future of transportation, connect with a traffic expert!