Intersection Monitoring and Detection Outdoor Demonstration at ITS World Congress

By: Miovision Team | Aug 30, 2022
Intersection Monitoring And Detection - Miovision

Miovision is excited to showcase Miovision Core™, the powerful traffic operations platform that includes video-based vehicle detection for actuation, video detection for counts, and intersection monitoring tools.

Miovision traffic experts will do a live, on-site, outdoor demonstration at ITS World Congress in Los Angeles. We will display the Miovision Core DCM hardware installation and the Miovision Smartview™ 360 camera directly at the intersection of W 12th St & Figueroa St.

Miovision Smartview™ 360 camera

Credits: Imagery ©2022 CNES / Airbus, Maxar Technologies, U.S. Geological Survey, Map data ©2022 Google

The live, outdoor demo will allow participants to see the Miovision Core in action along with a multidimensional view of the entire intersection. The demonstration will be presented using a local monitor to highlight the devices’ locally connected views and cloud-based tools to manage detection and intersections remotely. The demonstration will also highlight the versatility and innovation of the Miovision Core DCM solution, and will include a series of exciting solutions Miovision Core has to offer.

These solutions include:

  • Live Detection for actuation
  • Live Turning Movement counts that include various vehicle classifications
  • Live Crosswalk counts for pedestrians and bicycles
  • Live stream of the 360 intersection video
  • Live stream of Detection overlay video
  • Live and historical alerts
  • Remote access to cabinet devices

Register here to join the live outdoor demonstration in Los Angeles. Visit for more information about Miovision Core and Intersection monitoring.