Early Adopters Benefiting from Miovision Traffop

By: Miovision Team | Feb 10, 2022
Early Adopters Benefiting From Miovision Traffop - Miovision

Every business relies on their earliest customers to ensure the success of their newest products and software. At Miovision, we have always collaborated with our early adopters, customers and users to help them turn costly traffic problems into actionable insights. When it comes to innovation, development and the life cycle of technology, our early adopting customers stand out as essential to our preliminary growth. 

One of the benefits of our collaborative approach is giving initial customers the opportunity to propose new features and provide new ideas that become part of the software roadmap. This focus on innovative partnership is supported by an empowered customer base that appreciates the potential of Miovision products.

In coordinating with these customers, we have had the unique ability to bring state of the art solutions to organizations around the world, while flagging, assessing and solving problems, in real time, when they occur. Our newest product, Miovision Traffop, has one of the many examples of user collaboration turning potential drawbacks into customer success stories.

In October 2021, we received this email from an Miovision Traffop customer, a traffic expert, with the following comment;

“It would be great to have an insight that flagged phases with unusually high green times. Outside of normal ranges. The only reason I found this one is that I happened to be driving the corridor and the congestion seemed worse than normal. When I checked the split history I found it. This is a perfect opportunity for the system to flag these occurrences so that we can troubleshoot and get corrected.”

An issue with a traffic light was accidentally discovered while the expert was driving along a congested corridor. The light phase had an abnormally long green time, multiple times higher than what was programmed, and resulted in a high concentration of vehicles, unfitting for the time of day and intersection. Unusual congestion and improperly working light phases can result in severe costs and safety hazards for road users and departments of transportation. Due to this, it was only a matter of time before this issue became a citizen complaint. Being that Miovision Traffop’s key feature is searching for opportunities to create solutions before they become citizen complaints, this posed a great problem for the customer. Using Miovision Traffop’s split history feature, the traffic expert and their team were able to highlight the issue, but noted that no alert was raised when the issue occurred.  

Miovision Traffop’s split history feature

Having the privilege of communicating directly with the Miovision Traffop team, the traffic expert suggested an alert be put into place for these types of abnormal signal occurrences. Before long, this proposition became a task the Data Science and Development team put into motion and developed Operational Insight – Unusually High Green Time to flag occurrences of phases whose timing are above what is considered typical. Within a matter of weeks this feature was not only made available to the customer who raised the concern, but any new features such as these became available to all Miovision Traffop software customers. 

It’s no surprise that acquiring early adopters is a common step in new product development and implementation. Removing some of the inhibitions other users may have towards adopting a new product is important when striving to be an industry standard. Our commitment to collaboration and communication with our early adopters has enabled us to stand at the forefront of intelligent and safe traffic solutions, while ensuring leading product design and experience.  

To learn more about this customer’s story and how Miovision Traffop is benefiting from early adopters, read the Case Study and watch the Webinar.