Partnering with TELUS to make it easier to build a smart city – from the intersection up.

By: Tony Florio | Jun 25, 2020
Partnering With TELUS - Miovision

Back in January, we shared news about our $120M funding round and our partnership with a world-leading communications company – TELUS. Since then, our partnership has deepened. Today, TELUS is also a distributor of Miovision TrafficLink to customers across Canada via their Smart Traffic Solutions (STS).

What that means for our Canadian customers is it is now easier than ever to begin building a smarter city from the intersection. Customers can modernize their traffic signals with TrafficLink, allowing them to remotely access, analyze, and action traffic data generated at their intersections. And, they can connect those TrafficLink-equipped intersections with TELUS’s dedicated IoT network, purpose-built for IoT connected devices.

From there, cities can add to this network, leveraging Miovision’s open architecture to expand the capabilities of their traffic network, or add other smart city applications onto their city-wide TELUS IoT network. What starts at the intersection can grow into a vibrant, innovative smart city.

Our CEO, Kurtis McBride recently talked to Municipal World Present’s Susan Gardner about Miovision, our partnership with TELUS, and what it means for smart cities.

“Our vision for TrafficLink,” he explained, “is to not only to provide immediate benefit to cities in terms of tools that help them reduce congestion, improve safety and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also build the system – and provide it to cities – in a way that’s extensible; that other people – people who work for the city, third-party vendors, people like TELUS – can come in and use our open APIs … to extend the functionality and integrate with other things that are going on in the city. That’s something we’re super passionate about and it was something that we were really drawn to TELUS by because they had a very similar perspective on where this was going as well.”

Learn more about how Miovision and TELUS are helping make Canadian cities smarter: listen to the full podcast at Municipal World.