Durability and reliability — what more could you ask for from a traffic counter?

By: Miovision Team | Mar 25, 2020
Durability & Reliability - Miovision

Last October, Miovision’s Scout was put to the test in Northwest Arkansas when an EF-2 tornado hit. Classified as having winds from 111 to 135 miles per hour, the tornado caused significant damage to communities in the area.

The photo above shows damage left by the EF-2 tornado that touched down on October 20, 2019. 

Before the tornado hit, one of our customers had set up a Scout to collect traffic counts over the weekend. The tornado touched down on Sunday night and when they went back to the location on Monday, they expected to find the Scout destroyed. While the traffic pole the Scout has been attached to was found in a nearby tree, the Scout itself was still intact! It was not only still attached to the pole, but it was also mostly unharmed (the camera had popped out of place), and was still working. 

The photos above show the downed traffic pole, with the Miovision Scout still strapped to it.