Video detection on the rise

By: Miovision Team | Oct 01, 2020
Video Detection On The Rise - Miovision

Video detection is fast-becoming one of the most useful tools for upgrading existing traffic infrastructure. Adopting new technology, like video detection and artificial intelligence (AI), often comes with a lot of questions: 

  • What makes video detection better? 
  • Why should I upgrade my existing infrastructure? 
  • What are the benefits of using this type of detection? 

Video detection can help traffic teams improve network performance in a short amount of time, while also supporting a city’s long-term transportation goals. 

Getting started with video detection 

Video detection is a plug-and-play solution that easily integrates with existing traffic cabinets and delivers fast results. With the ability to deploy the technology without involving complicated infrastructure changes, cities can save time and money by standing up a video detection solution instead of some traditional detection methods that require tearing up roads or other infrastructure.

Solving traffic problems using video detection  

Video detection enables cities to do more with their detection investments with minimal disruption to the existing network. With more opportunities to collect and analyze data, as well as being able to see what’s happening at an intersection in real-time, video detection plays an important role when it comes to finding new ways to optimize traffic performance. 

Some key advantages that come with using video detection instead of traditional detection methods include: 

  • Accessing always-on data collection, including TMCs and multimodal data 
  • Being able to verify data and trends by recalling recorded video 
  • Verifying issues in real-time by streaming video directly from the intersection 
  • Solving mobility and congestion issues and improving safety at intersections

Still not sure if video detection can help your organization? Watch our Getting Started with Video Detection webinar.