Welcome, Traffop

By: Kurtis McBride | Jul 13, 2021
Welcome, Traffop - Miovision

Miovision is proud to announce our first acquisition – Traffop. With the addition of Traffop, we can now offer customers a software-only solution for municipalities who want to analyze traffic data from their intersections, but do not want to install additional hardware.

In many cases, your existing traffic signals can already provide some useful data, but it’s trapped at the intersection or locked in proprietary central management systems. Traffop’s cloud-based software solution allows you to unlock that data, turning it into actionable insights to help you reduce traffic congestion and improve safety. In looking to add a software-only solution to our portfolio, we explored a lot of options and came away very impressed with Traffop’s capabilities.

The team behind Traffop will be joining Miovision, bringing their expertise and helping us to continue to develop and refine their product.

We’re happy to welcome the Traffop team and customers to Miovision. To learn more about the Traffop solution, visit traffop.com.