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By: Ben Newell, VP, Product Management | Feb 08, 2024
Product Release Updates - Miovision

Miovision Release Updates

At Miovision, we are strong believers in the power of technology to better serve our communities; enhancing safety, reducing emissions, and easing congestion.

We are excited to share the latest developments from the team and showcase the progress we’ve made here at the end of 2023.

Miovision Performance Integration to Miovision One

We are consolidating more solutions to Miovision One to provide access to improved functionality through a single web portal.
Miovision Traffop will be made available as a native Miovision One application in the coming months.

Miovision Performance helps improve your traffic networks efficiency using near real-time and historical data. How does it work?
ATSPM metrics use high resolution signal data from your traffic signals and enable you to view performance metrics and optimize your traffic signal timing parameters:

  • All of your signal metrics are available in a user-friendly and easy-to-use format
  • Unlimited cloud data storage and powerful processing power enable 24/7 remote access to your data when you need it

But don’t just take our word for it—read our case study or book a demo to discover how agencies used intelligent solutions to identify, prioritize and solve problems in their traffic network remotely.

Stay on Schedule, Maximize Efficiency with Opticom Conditional Priority

Note: Limited availability to cloud-connected Transit Signal Priority (TSP) customers.

Please note that only the designated Miovision Administrator will have access to this view and the ability to configure the settings customized to your agency’s requirements.

For over five decades, Miovision Opticom has led the industry in signal priority and preemption solutions. Our latest offering, the Conditional Priority Feature is designed to maximize transit efficiency, using Opticom Transit Signal Priority (TSP).

By using Conditional Priority, your agency can now enable buses, and other transit vehicles, to adjust their operations based on passenger occupancy, or how far behind schedule they are, thereby optimizing schedules and rider experience.

Discover more about Opticom TSP on our website, or book a demo to learn how you can implement our customized solutions to tackle your transit challenges.

Opticom Now Integrates with Samsara for Quicker, Safer Emergency Response


Opticom now integrates with Samsara, a leader in Internet of Things (IoT) for fleet management. Samsara’s solutions include vehicle telematics, vehicle positioning and status, driver safety, vehicle health, and more.

This integration enables vehicles equipped with proprietary Samsara equipment to access Opticom Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) solutions via Samsara’s API, without adding additional hardware. By leveraging the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) data, including GPS and GPIO, emergency vehicles can perform preemption at signalized intersections, thereby improving their response times.

Discover the benefits of cloud-connected EVP by scheduling a demo with an Opticom expert. Hear from our customers who have implemented our integrated, hardware-less solutions.

Experience Seamless Monitoring: Phasing & Telemetry on Video Revolutionizes Data Analysis in One Window!

Say goodbye to juggling multiple windows to access video and telemetry data. Our cutting-edge tool integrates them into one window, providing an efficient and user-friendly experience, allowing you to analyze both data types simultaneously. Toggle between detection zones, telemetry, or focus solely on raw video to enhance your workflow.

New Network Settings Interface

In our continuous efforts to enhance your experience, we’ve completely revamped our network configuration process. This upgrade is aimed at accommodating a wider range of network configurations, minimizing errors during connection setup, and empowering our customers with self-service capabilities.

With the new configuration system, you can effortlessly set up:

  • Complex network routes
  • Devices on your fiber network
  • Cellular mode settings

An exciting addition to this configuration update is the introduction of a two-phase commit for network settings. This feature serves as a failsafe mechanism, enabling recovery in case an invalid configuration is deployed. This not only ensures the reliability of your network but also guarantees the availability of your devices. We’re committed to providing you with a seamless and secure network experience, and this upgrade is a significant step in that direction.

Network Settings in Miovision One will allow you to configure the ports and communication of your Miovision Intersection Hardware.

This interface enables users to add an IP address to an interface, add routes, and manage other network configurations, providing the value of a centralized view. It also includes a two-phase commit mechanism, enabling a two-way synchronization between devices and the cloud, ensuring reliability and device recovery.
Watch the training video to discover how to configure network settings on your devices.

In our upcoming and ongoing developments, Miovision is dedicated to providing you with the tools and services needed to innovate, collaborate, and contribute to positive changes in mobility. Join us in our collective effort to positively impact and improve the lives of millions worldwide.

For questions, assistance, or to schedule a personalized demonstration of our latest features, please feel free to contact our dedicated support team.