Smart cities for all

We believe that with the right approach, any city – big or small – can be a smart city

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Start at the intersection

Provide immediate value to citizens while laying the foundation for your smart city.

Think big, start small

Smart cities aren’t built in a day. Take the first step toward a full scale, smart city – one intersection at a time.

Start with open

We use open architecture –
that means you can use any technology you choose. Now, and in the future.

See the big picture

With open data, you can collaborate in new ways. Share as much or as little as you want to inspire innovation in your city.

Make an impact

Start at the intersection

The best place to start building your smart city is at the intersection. Smart intersections are where all points in your city converge, and where cities can provide immediate value to citizens.

• Improve traffic flow and safety by reducing stops
• Prioritize traffic lights for emergency vehicles and transit
• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The practical approach

Think big, start small

You shouldn’t have to choose between fixing today’s problems and planning for tomorrow’s smart city. Our practical approach helps you do both, at once.

• Use the cost savings from one project to fund the next
• Hardware and software that evolves with you
• Build a business case based on today’s impact

Ready for anything

Start with open

With open architecture at its core, a smart intersection is ready to embrace new – and future – technologies.

• APIs make it easy to integrate with other hardware and software
• Smart city backbone
• Connected- and autonomous-vehicle ready

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Work together

See the big picture

When you make data available for citizens, managers, technicians, funding agencies, and developers, the benefits multiply.

• Provide transparency to stakeholders
• Improve collaboration across departments
• Spur innovation amongst developers

The road to smart cities is paved with open data

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Any city can be a smart city

Smart cities are coming.
The opportunities presented by them will be transformational – and we want to help you understand what part you can play.

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