How to Gain Traffic Insights with Traffop ATSPMs

By: Miovision Team | Apr 05, 2022
How To Gain Traffic Insights With Traffop Atspms - Miovision

Traffop Introduction

The key to smarter, safer cities

Not all road users are the same. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists are more vulnerable and most at risk, making up over 50% of road traffic deaths. Many of these tragedies are preventable.

For traffic managers, creating safer streets and improving traffic flow are top priorities. But to reduce the risk of traffic incidents, you need to understand the factors that are causing the problems. That’s where Miovision Traffop can help.

Traffop Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) are produced from high-resolution data captured at signalized intersections and help traffic engineers understand the issues that are affecting the traffic network. Data is continuously gathered and curated in user-friendly performance measure charts that give you a thorough and accurate picture of what’s happening on your streets.

This cloud-based platform integrates with your existing infrastructure and can unlock data that’s trapped at intersections or in proprietary central management systems. In other words, Traffop transforms big data into insights that can improve the effectiveness of your intersections today and help you strategically plan for tomorrow.

Signal performance analytics, tools, and system insights measure traffic network safety and efficiency, helping you develop proactive maintenance and operations strategies that decrease congestion, costs, and complaints from the public.

Unlock actionable insights

The Miovision Traffop solution uses AI to comb through large amounts of data, then analyzes and displays the results in an interactive dashboard. Traffop proactively identifies potential issues in your network that could slow traffic flow, then prioritizes them based on severity so that it’s clear which intersections need immediate attention.

What does that mean for you? Traffop does the heavy lifting, taking away the time-consuming task of manually sorting through data and reducing the risk of missing a problem in the network. You gain deep insights into how people are moving throughout your city so you can make timely, data-based decisions to improve safety and traffic flow. And as your city changes over time, Traffop AI adapts to continually provide long-term value and actionable insights.

The open platform uses APIs to integrate with your traffic systems, streamlining data exchange across products to optimize existing investments. And the software-only solution offers cloud data management that lightens the load on your IT department. Traffop eliminates the costs of securing large amounts of data onsite by removing the need for expensive hardware, software, and maintenance.

The Data Fusion feature compiles data from multiple sources, analyzes large and complex data sets, then displays the information in a user-friendly dashboard. Interactive visualization charts make it easy for traffic engineers to detect problems in the network before they become problems on the road. And once issues are discovered, they can use remote management features to push fixes out from their desks – quickly and safely, without sending a team into the field.

But to look forward and plan with confidence, you need to be able to look back on your data with trust. Traffop has reporting and auditing capabilities that give you the full picture of what happened and when in the traffic network. This context is critical to understanding the issues, so you can make impactful decisions that will improve the safety and efficiency of traffic flow.

Traffop is designed to make it easier for traffic engineers and technicians to manage their networks, which will in turn create a great experience on the road for citizens. See how Traffop can help you accomplish your objectives and achieve the goals of your city.

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