Miovision and GTT: Extending the Platform

By: Kurtis McBride | Jul 27, 2021
Miovision And Gtt: Extending The Platform - Miovision

Today, we announced a partnership with Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) that will bring their Opticom software-based priority control systems to our platform.

I wanted to highlight this announcement because it’s an important step towards realizing the vision Miovision has for traffic management. When we were creating TrafficLink, we saw an existing paradigm that cried out for change. For decades, if you wanted to add functionality to an intersection you had to add a discrete piece of hardware to the traffic cabinet. We believed we could deliver something more like a smartphone at their intersection: hardware with core functions that could be extended with software, meaning our hardware could do many things – and would grow more capable and become more useful over time.

A key part of that vision is creating an open platform on which others can also deliver capabilities that customers need. Today’s announcement is a first, tangible step towards delivering this vision.

We’re really excited about working with GTT. Their priority control systems allow cities and towns to prioritize key traffic, ensuring that buses can provide on-schedule service or enabling emergency responders to cut precious seconds off their response time. But, I’m also really excited about what this partnership represents: the first of what will be many partners, each bringing best-in-class capabilities to our platform. Stay tuned for more exciting partnership announcements to come.

Miovision will continue to focus on delivering a powerful platform, with core functionality like ATSPMs and sophisticated traffic data analytics, and work with partners to extend our platform’s capabilities. For you, our customers, it means you can install a flexible piece of hardware in your traffic cabinets and be assured that our platform will grow with you, helping you meet your needs today and into the future.