Miovision and Stinson ITS Host their First French Language Webinar

By: Miovision Team | Nov 29, 2022
Miovision & Stinson Its Host Their First French Language Webinar - Miovision

Miovision’s core vision is to provide communities with the tools to solve today’s traffic problems and get more out of their road networks. We are incredibly grateful to see Miovision solutions worldwide in many cities, municipalities and regions. In keeping up with our commitment to creating new opportunities to solve real-world problems, we are happy to have successfully conducted our first-ever French-language webinar. Michel Mondor, Technical Account Manager for Stinson ITS in Quebec and Eastern Canada, led the webinar, accompanied by David Paradis, Corporate Sales Manager, and Olivia Babcock, Traffic Engineer, both from Miovision.

Earlier this month, Miovision and Stinson ITS teamed up to introduce the new range of Miovision hardware and software solutions, currently experiencing strong growth in Canada and especially in Quebec. Stinson ITS, an ITS manufacturing and distributing company based in the Greater Toronto Area and a Miovision Partner, provides intelligent transportation solutions across Canada. In partnership with Miovision, the company helps deliver traffic technology to create safer, smarter cities and provides support to deploy Miovision technology quickly and efficiently. 

The webinar provided insight into the suite of Miovision ITS hardware and software solutions, including Miovision Traffop, Core DCM, and the partnership between Stinson and Miovision, helping traffic engineering leaders solve traffic problems. The webinar introduced the global francophone traffic community to the new Miovision equipment and software range. With a growing presence in Quebec, and especially Montreal, Miovision and Stinson hosted this inclusive and informative webinar to better reach and communicate with current and potential francophone customers.

Click here to watch the first-ever french language webinar hosted by Miovision and Stinson Its.  Contact one of our traffic experts for more information about Miovision’s all-in-one solutions and how they can help your team and community get the most out of your traffic network.