Cloud-Driven Innovation: Transforming Intelligent Transportation Systems

By: Miovision Team | Jun 10, 2024

At Miovision, we are strong believers in the power of technology to better serve our communities; enhancing safety, reducing emissions, and easing congestion.

We are excited to share the latest developments from the team and showcase the progress we’ve made during the first half of 2024.

Deploy Faster with the Opticom and Miovision Core Integration 

We’re constantly working on unlocking  new possibilities for customers with the Miovision Core and Opticom Integration.

Opticom has evolved over the last 50 years from Infrared (IR) to Radio/GPS and now to Cloud-based Priority Control solutions. Our solutions adapt to your city’s infrastructure and provide seamless, scalable deployment of Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) and Transit Signal Priority (TSP) without additional hardware. With Opticom Cloud, agencies can benefit from improved monitoring of intersections and vehicles, advanced analytics, and better management through our unified Miovision One dashboard.

Today, the Opticom Phase Selector integrates seamlessly with Miovision Core, handling all priority and preemption requests directly from the cloud, streamlining processes and reducing priority control setup times from months to just days or weeks. Importantly, by combining Core with Opticom IR and Radio/GPS deployments, we introduce a layer of redundancy not possible in Cloud-only systems, providing a robust alternative to competitive solutions that rely solely on ATMS integration and require stable agency communications.

The Miovision Core device supports in-cabinet communications, remote access, and monitoring for traffic departments.
Miovision Opticom has been the industry leader in priority control and preemption solutions, since 1970.  

As a Miovision Core customer, you can now add priority control without any additional hardware at the intersection. Connect your vehicle

 fleet through our range of integrated applications like Whelen, Samsara, RT-GTFS, Swiftly, and supported modems such as Cradlepoint,

Semtech (formerly known as Sierra Wireless) for a seamless, cloud-connected deployment.

For our existing Opticom users looking to deploy the Miovision Core at intersections, we ensure backward compatibility for IR and Radio/GPS systems, maintaining continuity for mutual aid and phased upgrades as well as enhancing functionality with access to Miovision’s suite of applications, including mobility reports, detection, adaptive control, safety studies, and more.

Read our case study to learn about our successful cloud-connected deployments.

Discover how our solutions can make your smart city dreams a reality. Book a demo with our team today. 

Enhance Transit Operations with the Opticom x Swiftly Integration

Opticom now integrates with Swiftly, enhancing public transit by utilizing Swiftly’s vehicle position and GPS data for Transit Signal Priority (TSP) requests. 

As a leading transit reliability platform, Swiftly elevates public transport with its comprehensive API that effortlessly merges with existing transit systems, including rider apps and vehicle hardware.

This integration allows for precise, real-time vehicle tracking without additional hardware, streamlining transit operations and improving reliability. 

Together, we can make public transit a more attractive choice. Transit Signal Priority (TSP) not only enhances traffic flow by 20% but also reduces emissions by 19%, supporting our shared goal of sustainable transportation.

Discover the benefits of this integration and cloud-based TSP. Transform public transit in your city by scheduling a demo with our team of experts.

Unveiling Miovision One’s New Open Data API

We’re excited to unveil the new Miovision Open Data API, developed with valuable feedback from our users. These improvements are designed to enhance performance and accuracy when accessing your traffic data that improve your team’s overall efficiency.

Miovision Open Data API enables direct data polling, requesting, and access, allowing you to view real-time alerts, retrieving camera feed, performing diagnostics, and more for informed decision-making.

Our new API platform now features enhancements such as improved Alerts, and Diagnostics. It is rate-limited to 3000 requests per hour, which ensures a smoother and more reliable experience on the application. 

We’ve expanded functionalities for Alerts including managing intersection data, camera lists, fetching snapshots, traffic priorities, and more. You now have robust diagnostics for communication and detection devices at intersections, along with  capabilities for Turning Movement Counts (TMC). 

We will be deprecating the old version by October 2024, so we encourage you to switch to the new API version at your earliest convenience to prevent any disruptions. Access our detailed documentation and migration guides here. Contact our support team to help you migrate to the new API platform now.

Effectively Manage Traffic with the New Network Overview Map

We are excited to introduce the redesigned Network Overview Map, which will soon become the default landing page on the Miovision One platform. This update transforms how your teams monitor and manage their networks by offering a more intuitive and insightful user experience. 

Immediately upon login, you can now effortlessly gauge the network’s status through clear visual indicators of alerts severity. Advanced filtering options allow for quick and easy searches of specific information like licensed applications, installed devices and active alerts. 

You can hover over intersection icons for a quick view or click on them to bring up the side panel to access comprehensive information. From here, you can click on icons and be taken directly to relevant applications and pages for that intersection, allowing you to quickly investigate issues or access intersection specific information. 

Toggle to the table view with one click to find a paginated list of intersections with the same detailed information, including licensed applications, installed devices and active alerts. This information is fully filterable to streamline management of network components. 

This upgrade prioritizes operational efficiency, ensuring you spend less time navigating and more time optimizing. Access our detailed release article here.  If you’re interested in becoming an early adopter, please reach out to our support team.

In our upcoming and ongoing developments, Miovision is dedicated to providing you with the tools and services needed to innovate, collaborate, and contribute to positive changes in mobility. Join us in our collective effort to positively impact and improve the lives of millions worldwide.

For questions, assistance, or to schedule a personalized demonstration of our latest features, please contact our dedicated support team.