2023 in Review: Recapping Miovision’s Biggest and Best Year Yet

By: Miovision Team | Dec 20, 2023
Recapping Miovision’s Biggest And Best Year Yet - Miovision

2023 was a big year for Miovision!

Our incredible 2022 served as a launching pad for much of what we accomplished this year, from new acquisitions to launching Miovision One.

Of course, the people and communities we serve are the real highlights of 2023. We couldn’t be happier knowing all our hard work over the last year helped make traffic networks safer across North America.

A lot happened, but here are our biggest milestones of 2023!

The highlight reel:

  1. We raised C$296M from investors.

  2. We added a total of 4 acquisitions to close 2023; this year adding Opticom, a titan in transportation!

  3. We launched new products in answer to customer demand, growing our best-in-class traffic network solutions, customizable to each municipality’s unique needs.

  4. We grew over 40% organically and onboarded over 205 new customers.

  5. We entered new geographic markets, making inroads in Mexico and Latin America and driving significant growth in the Middle East (UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia).

  6. We added over 40k active and engaged members and customers to our community.

Our Family Got Bigger

In 2023, Miovision was ranked in the most active strategic buyer list among companies such as Cisco, IBM, Apple, and more. This officially marks us as the largest Canadian company to acquire a US public company to date!

In the last year, we were fortunate to have welcomed two new companies into the Miovision family: Microtraffic and Global Traffic Technologies (GTT).


We acquired Microtraffic because they’re a leading provider of road safety analytics whose data is leveling up studies. Their kinetic energy approach allows for the calculation of near misses, which are highly predictive of fatalities. And we’re excited to bring this capability to the Miovision One™ platform!

Global Traffic Technologies (makers of Opticom) (GTT)

Meanwhile, acquiring GTT has allowed us to incorporate their tried-and-tested Opticom signal priority control technology into our offerings. This tech does wonders to improve safety and response times for first responders and the operational efficiency of public transportation networks.

We Launched New Products

This year we also broke new ground, proudly introducing three new products into the Miovision line of offerings. Let’s talk about the big one first.

Miovision One™

Miovision One™ is our game-changer. This is our newest cloud-based software platform that seamlessly consolidates all your traffic solution software in one place so you can better address current and future global mobility challenges.

Miovision Scout® Plus

Miovision Scout® Plus is a portable video-based data collection solution that provides onboard video processing and automatic uploading of multimodal volume counts (ATRs) and vehicle speed data to make traffic studies more efficient:


Miovision Opticom™

Last but certainly not least, we introduced Miovision Opticom™ Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) and Transit Signal Priority (TSP) in light of our new acquisition of GTT. We can’t wait to continue showing the world how it’s revolutionizing priority control for public safety and transit agencies!

We Empowered Cities in Their Vision Zero Efforts

Vision Zero is all about making road networks safer for everyone who uses them, no matter how they choose to travel. We’re proud of the work we did in 2023 across several communities in the United States to help them get one step closer to achieving this goal.

A few highlights include:

Detroit, Michigan

We optimized Detroit’s traffic networks, further cementing the Motor City as a hub for traffic innovation. We helped make it easier and safer to navigate for all travelers, whether they choose to get around by car, bike, bus, or walking.


Kyle, Texas

In Kyle, we turned our focus to law enforcement and helped improve their police response times using Opticom EVP. The improved cloud-based solution in partnership with Whelen will get them where they need to be faster and more safely.


San Rafael, California

San Rafael experienced similar issues to Kyle, and our team assisted in resolving them, as well as reducing serious traffic congestion by implementing Opticom EVP. This work is ongoing, but we’re ecstatic about the results so far and can’t wait to share more of them with you soon.

Safety Studies and Insights

In 2023, from January through November, Miovision completed 114 safety studies for 21 clients in North America, Asia, and Europe. We measured 92,000 conflicts, with 75% of these involving vulnerable road users. This conflict measurement supports precise diagnosis, empowering agencies to select and program life-saving countermeasures at these intersections. While countermeasures are being programmed for next year, our past experience is that agencies typically achieve risk reductions of 80% to 85% when responding to our precision diagnostics.

We Kept Growing…

Undoubtedly, 2022 was our year of exponential growth, but we certainly continued our upward climb in 2023. It started with our funding.

We raised C$296M from investors over two tranches—and our investors are excited about our vision and our ability to help customers execute innovative traffic plans.

We were also named Tech Company of the Year as part of the McRock Climate Action awards. They cited us as having “demonstrated remarkable achievements in delivering solutions that yield tangible climate impacts.” We certainly try our best!

In an article speaking to tech innovations, MSN wrote that “companies like Miovision leverage computer vision and AI to extract insights from video feeds and provide traffic analysis for improving transportation infrastructure and planning.”

On our newly launched podcast, The Intersection, we also made friends and connections by speaking with high-profile guests such as Daniel Kligerman (TELUS), Laura Chace (ITS America), Steve Cercone (Safe Cities Global), and Ben Kelly (Slack Canada).


We also enhanced crosswalk zones by improving the tech that detects the presence of pedestrians at intersections. Integrating more accurate and reliable sensor technology allows us to further optimize traffic signals, providing pedestrians with more time to cross or adjusting signal timing based on real-time pedestrian traffic.

Stay tuned to see who we’ll bring on the show next year!

We Attended a Lot of Events

It’s no secret that we love putting ourselves out there, which is why we made sure to make a whole slate of public appearances in 2023:

We hope to make this long list even longer in 2024. We always love sharing our knowledge and connecting with like-minded people!

And We Helped Who Matters Most

Recognizing the interconnectedness of urban development and community well-being, we strive to make a lasting impact in the communities we collaborate with. Our commitment to giving back continued in 2023 through actively participating in charitable initiatives, including:

  • Cycle 4 St. Joe’s – A charitable initiative dedicated to raising funds for St. Joseph’s Health Center. In 2023, our team joined 275 riders to help raise over C$472K!

  • Toy Mountain – In place of gifts or holiday cards, we have decided to again support The Salvation Army’s annual toy donation campaign in partnership with CTV. We donated 210 toys, contributing to the joy of countless children during the holiday season.  Watch more here.

  • Veritree – The Miovision team is looking forward to 2024 and our company-wide support of Veritree to offset carbon emissions, working to plant at least one tree, per employee, per month.

We’re not just a traffic studies company; we are a conscientious partner working towards a future where cities thrive and their communities flourish.

That’s a Wrap for 2023! What’s Next?

Maybe we’re just excited, but to call 2023 anything but a smashing success feels like it would be doing our team a disservice. We broke substantial ground and made so many meaningful connections this year—how will we top it in 2024?

Bet on the Miovision team to find a way. Thanks for all your support!