How fast can you count traffic?

Miovision’s traffic data technology combines Computer Vision and proprietary Quality Assurance Software to provide accurate traffic counts. Instead of spending precious time counting cars on video, our technology does all the work for you.

Some firms performing data collection claim that their counters can manually count traffic data from video at 4x, 8x, and 16x speeds accurately and more cost effectively. Some go as far as to claim that pedestrian & bicycle studies at busy urban locations can be done in excess of 20x speeds.

Let’s put that claim to the test

Below is a 15-minute video at 4x speed from one of our Scout Video Collection Units. Try counting the number of vehicles in this video to see how you stack up. How about counting the number of light vehicles, trucks, buses, pedestrians and bicycles? When you’re finished, toggle the vehicle classifications to see what the actual counts are.

Actual traffic counts

Light Vehicles: 994
Trucks: 18
Buses: 11
Cyclists: 6
Pedestrians: 11

How did you do?

Did you notice the slip lane at the top of the video? Did you catch all of the pedestrians and cyclists? It’s not easy – and you probably weren’t even counting by movement – let alone 8, 10, or 20x speed!

Don’t waste precious time and risk inaccurate results. Use Miovision’s traffic data collection technology to get 95%+ accurate data for your traffic studies, delivered to you in 72 hours or less.

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