COVID-19: supporting our customers and staff

As communities everywhere take steps to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it’s becoming clear that the necessary steps to safeguard public health will likely have an impact on the way many businesses operate. I wanted to share what Miovision is doing. These efforts are part of our responsibility to our employees and our communities. But, they are also important steps to help ensure that Miovision can continue to serve our customers.

Slowing the impact of COVID-19

Following the recommendation of public health professionals, including the World Health Organization, Miovison has taken a number of steps designed to reduce opportunities for COVID-19 to spread among our staff, including:

  • Pausing all corporate travel for Miovision employees
  • Extending sick leave to all employees and requiring any employees who are sick to stay home. 
  • Cancelling events within our offices that gather people together
  • Enabling most of our employees to work from home, starting Monday, March 16

These efforts are designed to reduce the opportunity for COVID-19 to quickly spread through our employees (and the community). That, in turn, will enable us to continue to serve you. 

What this means to you

Currently, we do not anticipate these changes will impact our ability to serve you – our Support Staff are able to continue engaging with customers while working from home. Our Sales team will continue to be available to meet remotely. And, we’re minimizing our Manufacturing team’s contact with other employees to keep them as healthy as possible – and able to continue to deliver Scout and TrafficLink products.

Since our staff is not travelling, Miovision will not be at a number of tradeshows we usually participate in. Though we are constantly reevaluating as the situation evolves, currently we don’t plan to be at any events through until June 2020. We are exploring other ways to engage with customers and prospects, leveraging what we learned with our recent Envision livestream event. There may be new, creative opportunities to engage with customers, and I’m excited to see what my Marketing team comes up with.

As we progress through this outbreak, I’ll continue to be focused on two things: keeping my staff healthy and determining the best ways to continue to service our customers. We’ll continue to update you as our efforts progress. If you have any questions, feel free to contact

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