Miovision supports #FreeTheMIBS

Miovision believes that open architectures are important. Hardware should interoperate easily and data should be based on standards. This allows cities to adopt different systems to meet their needs without having to spend a lot of time and money on integration. Or, worse – discover they are locked into a single vendor because the data they’re generating can’t be used in other systems. 

That’s why when the Free The MIBs campaign recently launched, we immediately applauded the effort. This collaborative campaign aims to encourage traffic signal controllers, ITS device manufacturers, and public sector agencies to unite behind opening and sharing device NTCIP protocols – specifically, management information bases (MIBs). 

As the campaign explains:

“MIBs provide a common language through which central traffic management systems and transportation management devices communicate. For traffic signal operations, MIBs are used to manage traffic signals through advanced transportation controllers (ATC) located in the roadside cabinet.

“While other segments of the ITS industry including variable message sign vendors make their MIBs fully available, the vast majority of traffic control manufacturers don’t, driving up taxpayer costs and limiting Smart City growth.

“Currently, only about 15 – 20% of the communications objects within each MIB are open, preventing traffic management equipment interoperability and handicapping agencies interested in using the best traffic control solutions from different manufacturers.” 

For us, that last sentence is the key. Public agencies should be empowered to pick the best solution for their needs. As an innovative company, we pride ourselves in winning customers because we make a great product, not because we’ve locked customers in and they can’t easily choose another vendor as their needs expand. An open approach ultimately pushes us all to create better solutions. 

Because #FreetheMIBS is better for customers and better for a healthy marketplace, we believe that vendors who continue to rely on closed technologies will ultimately be left behind. 

We support #FreetheMIBS and we strongly encourage others to do so as well. Learn more at www.freethemibs.org

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